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High temperature paint current situation and prospects[2015-01-06]
The main role is to protect the paint, decoration, as well as additional new features. In the field of home appliances, small appliances especially long-term use in high temperature environment
Thickener: let nature paint a better and more stable rheology[2015-01-06]
Latex paint thickener for thickening, stabilizing and rheological properties are regulation and improve function. In the production stage latex paint thickener for emulsion polymerization process,
What is the role of dispersant is? How to choose the dispersant?[2015-01-06]
What is the mechanism of the dispersant? In latex paint, the dispersant is adsorbed on the pigment, filler surface, so that the ionic charge between the particles generated, physical
Major categories of inorganic pigments[2015-01-06]

Inorganic coloring pigments can be divided into achromatic pigment and colored pigment types. From achromatic pigments include white, gray to black series pigments, th

Optical variable ink is a high-end international security ink[2015-01-06]
Optical variable ink is a special security ink of a different color can change with viewing angle changes. Optical variable ink printed materials, or look at the positive
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